Application Forms


Click the appropriate link below to download and print the housing application forms you require:

Seniors Self-Contained Apartment Accommodation Application Form

Lodge Accommodation Application Form

Applications are also available at any GEF lodge or by mail. Contact us at 780-482-6561 or

to have an application form sent to you.


Applicants may only apply for ONE of the four housing types. 


Descriptions for each of these housing types are included in the housing brochure or you can click on any of the housing types above and be taken to the page for more information. Choose the location(s) you want and then complete the appropriate application form for the type of housing you’ve selected.



After you have completed your application form, it must be sent to the building you have indicated as your first choice. Completed applications are processed at the applicant’s first-choice building.

Submit your application to your first-choice building by:

  • Dropping it off in person
  • Mailing it in

Tip: Addresses are listed in the housing brochure below each building. Please call 780-482-6561 if you have any questions.




After your application has been processed, you will be contacted to schedule a housing interview. Interviews take place at your first-choice building and are conducted by the Site Manager. Interviews must be done in person and cannot be conducted over the phone.


If your application is approved, you will be added to the waitlist. An approved applicant can be on one or multiple location waitlists for certain housing. Applicants only need to be interviewed once and approval is given for all the locations you have selected on your application form. Tip: Please contact the building directly to inquire about specific wait times. Waitlists are based on need. GEF does not provide emergency housing.